African interior design

The wow feeling of the luxury African Safari lodges
Inspired by the beautiful interior of luxury Safari Lodges in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Botswana, I am always looking for exclusive interior decorations that exude the authentic African atmosphere for interior designers, stylists and private individuals. During my travels to Africa I find the Limited Editions where you really have to stop and then say to yourself: ‘wow, this is it!’

Exclusive African home decorations with a story
The search for these ethnically chic and exclusive handmade items is an adventure in itself. But the stories of the local artisans who produce the products are at least as special and stay with you. I would like to tell you the authentic story behind your exclusive purchase.

We supply interior designers, stylists and private individuals 
Townshipsmile supplies interior designers with tribal African home decorations from stock or from a search, matching the projects they supervise. I make appointments for (temporary) decors with stylists and photographers. Send an email for price agreements and possibilities.
Individuals can order easily via ‘Collection’ in the Online Store on this site.

‘It’s my mission to find the undiscovered treasures of Africa for my clients

What is your African decoration Must Have?

“On a regular base I get the question whether I want to look for a specific interior object from Africa that was spotted during a stay in a Safari lodge but could not possibly be taken by the customer because of luggage space. I love these special requests.”

Are you looking for a ‘must have’ from Africa for yourself or a client? I’ll contact my entire network for you and will search during my travels for your exclusive ‘African treasure.’ Leave your details below, I’ll contact you personally within one day.