Metal stand for Juju Hat | black

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  • Material: metal
  • Color: black
  • Diameter: 98 cm x 30 cm
  • Use: To decorate a Juju hat in different sizes standing

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Luxury wall decoration in your home
Juju Hats are extremely popular in the design world, and not for nothing! Do you like an elegant eye catcher on your wall? Then the beautiful feathers Juju Hat from Cameroon is for you! Especially for the interior-conscious woman or man who loves tribal, adventure and a touch of class. Discover our whole collection Juju Hats from Cameroon.

Order this metal standard if you want to decorate your Juju Hat standing.

African wall decoration with a story
Juju Hats were originally made from parrot feathers and used as headdress by tribal chiefs in Cameroon during weddings and special ceremonies of the tribal chief. Nowadays, the Juju Hats are handmade from natural or colored chicken feathers and are intended as a beautiful African wall decoration. The feathers are fastened on a woven raffia support and wooden sticks. The Juju Hat symbolizes prosperity, fragility of life and beauty. In addition, it is believed that the hat has positive characteristics of birds.

Cameroon; the land of many tribal decorations
In Cameroon you will find many other home decorations that were originally used for other purposes besides these Juju hats. From a young age, the techniques are passed on to the next generation. In every manufactured item there are hours of manual work and passion for their own culture that the people want to pass on proudly.


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