Protea flower | South Africa


  • Material: drift wood
  • Color: natural
  • Diameter: (l x w x h) +/- 20 x 20 x 20)
  • Hight flower stalk and flower : +/- 70cm
  • Country of origin: South Africa

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A beautiful wooden Protea flower as decoration
This beautiful decorative Protea flower of driftwood is a hand-crafted show piece from South Africa. The Protea is in fact the beloved national flower of the country and comes back in many pictures. Like the beautiful Buffalo of driftwood that we sell, this Protea is also made of driftwood.

By coincidence, I discovered this Protea during one of my visits to South Africa. In a small shop I bought a Protea for my two daughters as a gift. With the two Protea’s handbags in my hands, I was approached by unknown people during my return journey. They were interested in these  beautiful Proteas… At home not only my daughters were happy, but also friends and Instagram followers were enthusiastic about the wooden Proteas. Reason enough to offer these beautiful exclusive Proteas via Townshipsmile!

Exclusive artwork with a beautiful story
Artist Bryan noticed some years ago during a walk on the beach that the locals collected the driftwood on the beach and then burned it. He asked them why they did that and told the people that their cattle wanted to lie on the beach and that the driftwood hurt their feet. Bryan saw a great creative challenge ahead and asked them to collect the washed-up driftwood for him. This was five years ago because now he provides 5 local families with a monthly income through the driftwood they find with them to buy. His partner Natasha and her team produces these beautiful wooden Proteas in limited editions.

South Africa; the country full of authentic art objects
South Africa is a country with many populations and eleven official languages. It is precisely this diversity of cultures that makes it so interesting to wander around in remote areas to special items that complement a beautiful interior. An item that exhales the scent of Africa and makes the sun shine in your home.